1A1: Why Philosophy?

1st Year, Semester A, 1st Module (1A1)   

Summary:  How does one enter into philosophy?  What is the starting point and can one discern different parts in this search for truth?

Various themes to be looked at:

– Philosophy, the most natural search for truth:

  • The starting point for philosophical research
  • Questioning reality
  • Philosophy and the history of philosophy
  • The great human questions, the first of which is work
  • How are the parts of philosophy distinguishable?

– Philosophy of Work: the first great human question

  • Realisation of a work, a fundamental activity at the heart of all human activity
  • The different elements in artistic activity
  • Artistic experience
  • Inspiration
  • Artistic choice, a creative choice?


Plato, Apology of Socrates: Plato poses the questions that are as relevant today as they were in his time.

Fr MDP, Retracing Reality: summary of philosophical search from beginning to end.