2B1: What is truth? Truth, good and the question of ‘God’.

2nd Year, Semester B, 1st Module (2B1)        

Summary:  One of the great philosophical searches is that of man’s finality.  This question of his personal end is never fully posed other than in First Philosophy on the level of being and the human spirit.  Aristotle was the first to explicitly enter into this search: what is truth, good, being-in-act?

The word “God” comes from religious traditions.  What is both a personal and communal search has been assumed into human life and human traditions, but does it have any place in what is strictly a philosophical search?  Can it be fully integrated into a search for truth from human experience?  Can one be precise as to certain ways of access, if any, to the discovery of a “First Being”?

Various themes to be looked at:

  • What is truth?
  • What is love?
  • Is there a strictly philosophical way to pose the question of “God”?
  • Intelligence and love in the ascent to the “First Being”


Aristotle, Metaphysics: searching to know reality in its existence, what it is in so far as it is.

Fr MDP, Retracing Reality, What is Metaphysics? How MDP summarises the discoveries of the reality in its existence.