3A2 What is it to be transformed by grace?

3rd Year, Semester A, 2nd Module (3A2)

 Summary:  For centuries, the Church has taught that the understanding of the Christian life is that of a profound transformation: one is always moving from what is simply a natural way of life towards a supernatural receiving of what it is to truly live!

What is this transformation?  What is the “water” of my nature that, to be respected and developed as such, should be brought to Jesus?  Then, what does it mean that my nature itself is capable of becoming “wine” by the work of his grace?

The mystery of grace is itself a very great mystery and many theologians, down through the ages, have sought to say something by mode of analogy!  What is grace and how do I bring who I am, and all that I am, to the desired transformation that it works?

Also, the philosopher in his search for truth rises to the rich discovery of man living a personalised life, a life marked by his/her personal choices (choices that remain in a real conformity with human nature).  What is the human person and what can this further understanding bring to the long debated distinction of nature and grace?

Various themes to be looked at:

  • Human and Divine
  • Mystery of Grace
  • Man’s Cooperation with Grace
  • Nature, Person and Grace
  • Christian Grace is Trinitarian




Aletheia, Community of St John Journal, No.19 – Nature et Grâce (Fr M-D Philippe’s article translated into English)

Fr Marie-Dominique Philippe, Retracing Reality

St Thomas Aquinas, Ia IIae

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