3B1 Judgement and Choice

3rd Year, Semester B, 1st Module (3B1)        

 Summary:  Some people find it difficult to make good choices because of the challenges they meet when trying to make good judgements in the knotty and tangled situations that they find themselves.  Others quickly choose because they quickly judge but, lacking a true appreciation of the inherent complexity, fall into a false simplification.

These two tendencies are surely better understood in the light of grasping  the human judgement as being the most elevated operation of man’s intellect (one could even say, the most perfect operation!) whilst being extensively present in all that is personal in his life.

Man strives through learning to judge and to judge well!

So, what is a judgement, what examples are there in our experience, and why is it so important to discover its key place in man’s growth as a person?


Various themes to be looked at:

  • Apprehension, Judgement and Reasoning
  • Artistic judgement
  • Prudential judgement
  • Affective judgement
  • Judgement for a Mathematician or a Scientist
  • Judgements affirming proper principles in philosophy (scientific judgement)
  • Scientific judgement in philosophy and the judgement of wisdom




Aristotle, On The Soul

Fr M-D Philippe, Retracing Reality

Fr M-D Philippe, Essai de Philosophie du Vivant, Tome II