3B2 “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God” – What is the Incarnation?

3rd Year, Semester B, 2nd Module (3B2) 

Summary:  St Peter’s beautiful response to Jesus’ question (“Who do you say I am?”) contains a wealth of meaning!

What then have I discovered about Jesus, revealed to me as the Christ, the Son of the Living God, my one and only Saviour?  Where am I on the life-long journey of discovering Jesus Christ in his divinity and his humanity being sure not to diminish his boundless and immense mystery of being both true God and true man?

Indeed, how can God become man?  Surely something is lost of God’s infinite mystery in his so doing?  Can God truly be wholly present in a man conditioned by human nature’s inherent limits that are our everyday experience?

Drawing on Saint Thomas Aquinas, what analogies have we need of when put before the mystery of the Incarnation?

And what biblical verses in particular point to this great choice of God who, in the Word, became flesh?


Various themes to be looked at:

  • Why did God become incarnate?
  • Hypostatic union
  • Sanctifying Grace and Capital Grace
  • Christ’s Knowledge
  • Christological Heresies



Aletheia, Community of St John Journal, No. 11

St Thomas Aquinas, IIIa