ISJ Term Dates for 2018 – 2019

Classes take place on TUESDAYS as follows:

TERM 1: 6 November to 11 December 2018
10am – 12 noon: Spirit of the Carmel: prayer life in the Carmelite spirituality
12.45 – 2.45pm: Anglo Saxon Christian Art: exhibition at the British Library
(Introduction-Nov 20, Exhibition visit-Nov 27, Conclusion-Dec 4)

TERM 2: 8 January to 12 February 2019
10am – 12 noon: Love one another as I have loved you: St Thomas Aquinas on Charity
12.45 – 2.45pm: Flannery O’Connor: the offer of grace* (see below for Course Description)

TERM 3: 26 February – 2 April 2019
10am – 12 noon: The Psalms: the school of prayer
12.45 – 2.45pm: Introduction to the philosophy of Plato

TERM 4: 30 April to 4 June 2019
10am – 12 noon: The Religion of Equality: understanding modern Democracy 


*Flannery O’Connor: The Offer of Grace (Br Philip Thomas)

We will look together at 5 short stories by the acclaimed Southern-US Catholic author Flannery O’Connor, one of the most distinctive voices in 20th century American literature.

Intertwining human misery and divine mystery, O’Connor forged a fictional world of remarkable depth from the sparse materials of a short and sheltered life in Georgia. Violent and humorous by turns, or more often simultaneously, her grotesque style has the disconcerting charm of a mediaeval gargoyle, preventing all indifference to the monument of faith from which it springs.

The short stories we will read together or taken from her two collections, “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” and “Everything That Rises Must Converge.” References will be given from the Library of America edition of her Collected Works. Although a short summary of each story will be given at the beginning of each session, it will be assumed that the stories have been read and pondered beforehand.

8 January 2019
10:00-12:00 Introduction and Biographical Aspects (There will be no class on Thomas Aquinas on Charity on this day)
12:45-2:45 “Good Country People”

15 January 2019
12:45-2:45 “A Good Man Is Hard to Find”

22 January 2019
12:45-2:45 “The Artificial Nigger”

29 January 2019
No class on Flannery O’Connor
10:00-12:00 AND 12:45-2:45 Thomas Aquinas on Charity

5 February 2019
12:45-2:45 “The Lame Shall Enter First”

12 February 2019
12:45-2:45 “Parker’s Back”