The Sapiens Program – Ethics: Living the Examined Life

Why is my life stuck? What’s missing? How can I grow as a person and flourish?


Answering practical, down to earth questions with insight from the greatest thinkers of the Western Tradition, the Sapiens Program is an initiative of the Brothers of St. John to help all search for wisdom and live more fully human lives.

Faith or no faith, philosophy can help us to search for the truth and live in a wiser way. It’s the ideal way to share on deep subjects with friends who have a different spiritual outlook. All are welcome.

The Sapiens Program is a five-week course with input, discussion times, interaction, and optional further reading.

In January-February 2019, the Sapiens Program ran in St Mary Moorfields parish in the city. It was attended by 30+ participants of different ages and walks of life.

“A very stimulating series… I will admit the ideas were challenging but I appreciate this and giving a real-life example always helps.”

“Really enjoyed the challenge, the depth of the subject matter, the clarity of the delivery.”

“[The group discussion questions] were fun and they made us think personally about the talk.”

Click here for the Sapiens Course further reading document

This course is not running at the moment but please direct any enquiries to the email address below.

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