E1A1 Can I discover life’s profound meaning in and through work?

Evening Classes, 1st Year, Semester A, Ist Module (E1A1)      

Summary:  How does one discover key understand1ngs to what life is about, especially if one’s human experience is so much reduced to passing time in the professional workplace?

Is work in today’s times an unavoidable distraction from real fulfilment in life?  Or, on the contrary, is it possible for all in a true experience of human work to discover life’s inherently profound meaning?

What can we discover starting from an attentive looking to one’s own experience of work?  What’s more, is it not primarily in the great human experience of work, where all its many and diverse elements are present, that we first of all experience being a person?

Is it not fundamentally in work that one’s ethical conscience appears for the first time?

Indeed, can one not discover in work the emergence of an ethical responsibility and from this grasp the deeper questions of the sense of life and man’s natural end?

Surely work is the first experience of “other” and so the first place of learning what it is to relate to reality other than oneself?

Is not service, lived in and through work, the inescapable beginnings, that we all need to pass through, of a journey to full personal maturity?


Various themes to be looked at:

  • The Starting Point for philosophical research
  • Philosophy of Work
  • Inspiration
  • Artistic Choice, a creative choice?
  • Ethics: what is good or bad?
  • Analysis of the experience of Serving another
  • Human act is Voluntary and engages one’s Responsibility


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