E1A2 Reality and Truth – can we discover them? An Introduction to the philosophical search

1st Year, Semester A, 2nd Module (E1A2)

Summary:  What is reality and how do we come to experience it? Can I know reality? Where does my knowledge come from? Why do I seek to understand reality? Does knowledge of the truth makes us happy or is knowledge merely a means to greater progress? Does truth only concern practical questions?

What is the role of the senses in coming to know reality? Can I trust my senses or do they deceive me? Does a reality exist if I don’t perceive it? Hallucinations, dreams and imagination: do they make it impossible to connect with reality? Virtual reality, images and propaganda: what impact do they have on my relationship to reality?

How can I live in the present moment? How does my intelligence come to know reality? What is the judgement of existence?

What is truth? Can Science know the truth? What’s the difference between scientific and philosophical knowledge? Can I know the truth?

What’s the difference between truth and sincerity? Is there more to being truthful than being faithful to my own convictions? Is truth objective? Is truth different for different people? Does truth depend on circumstance or is there truth that does not change?

What education can help us to develop the potential of our intelligence to the full?


Various themes to be looked at: 

  • Knowledge and the senses
  • The judgement of existence
  • What is the point of philosophy?
  • Science and Philosophy
  • Truth and sincerity
  • The need for truth and philosophy

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