Day Class Curriculum

SEARCHING THE TRUTH IN THE EVERY DAY a course which teaches us to think

The Curriculum for the classes given during the day is given below.  For more details of each module see the Module drop-down menu or click on the links below.

YEAR 1 (Always studied first):
Semester A, Module 1:  Why Philosophy?
Semester A, Module 2:  Daring to love?  Addressing the complexity of a loving relationship: Eros, Philia and Agape
Semester B, Module 1:  Can we discover the soul?  Life and the question of the soul
Semester B, Module 2:  What can we know about ourselves and the way God governs us through knowing how God progressively revealed Himself to his People?

YEAR 2 (Rotates with YEAR 3)
Semester A, Module 1:  What does it mean to say: “I am”: know yourself and delight in your uniqueness
Semester A, Module 2:  What is Faith according to Saint Thomas and Saint John?
Semester B, Module 1:  What is truth? Truth, good and the question of “God”
Semester B, Module 2:  Why the Church? Why the Church is divinely prudent

YEAR 3 (Rotates with YEAR 2):   
Semester A, Module 1: The ‘What’ and the ‘Why’ of the Family
Semester A, Module 2: What is it to be transformed by grace?
Semester B, Module 1: Judgement and Choice
Semester B, Module 2: “You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God” – What is the Incarnation?

You can view and print a PDF version of the Curriculum and Modules of the Day Classes by clicking here