The Sapiens Program: Ethics, Fragility, Gift – a new course from ISJ London

The Sapiens Program is a new formation opportunity offered by the Brothers of Saint John that aims to lead people into a personal search for wisdom.

A major element at the heart of our charism as a Community is the conversion of the intellligence: the discovery of oneself, others, and the world through realist philosophy as affirmed by St John Paul II in Fides et Ratio and following mentors such as Aristotle and Saint Thomas Aquinas.  By this apostolate, we want to help those we encounter discover a search for truth in their spiritual and practical lives.

The Sapiens Program will give those who participate the intellectual tools necessary for discovering a personal, meaningful and clear response to the questions of modern man living in a rapidly changing world filled with conflicting opinions.

The participants will be led into a personal search for the truth within the philosophical tradition of the Catholic Church, in an inclusive and welcoming environment that utilizes different pedagogical methods and caters to different educational levels, learning styles and backgrounds – including those without faith.

In London, people are busy and commuting distances often make events of this kind unmanageable. We have crafted the Sapiens Program as a response to this problem.  It is structured in a such a way as to allow us to propose this formation in different contexts and venues, to make the search for wisdom accessible to the largest number.

The course is 5 weeks long with weekly meetings lasting 90 minutes.  Each session is made up of a presentation of the theme from our brothers, a small group session of prepared questions, and food shared by those in attendance.  There is some room for adapting this formula, according to the circumstances of each venue.

Starting in 2018 the Sapiens Program will be offering its first 5 week course entitled ‘Ethics – Fragility – Gift’ reflecting on the human person from the perspective of vulnerability.  This course will be available for dates throughout the academic year 2018/2019.  In the years to come we will develop other courses touching on a range of both philosophical and theological topics.

If you are a venue (parish, etc) and are interested in hosting a 5-week Sapiens Program, please contact us:

To be kept up to date on where and when the Sapiens Program is running please also send an email to:

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