Tuesdays at the ISJ: Spring 2018 – Dates and Subjects

Dates and subjects for our Tuesday morning classes in the Spring Term of 2018 have been decided and we can give you details below.  Newcomers are welcome. If you are interested in registering please email: brphilipthomas@stjean.com

9 January 2018 – 20 March 2018

Tuesdays 10am-12pm (Alternating weeks):

St Thomas Aquinas on God (De Deo Uno, questions 21 to 26) – Br Michael Paul
Thomas Aquinas puts all of the resources of philosophy at the service of theology’s quest to discover what ‘God’ means, or rather, who God is.  This is a continuation of classes begun in the previous terms and will run until the end of the academic year.  It is possible to join this class without having studied the earlier questions.

Further Questions in Ethics – Br Philip Thomas
After a reminder of the question of ethics and Aristotle’s approach, we will ask about the relationship between philosophical ethics and religious faith, and go on to tackle themes such as free will, the conscience, and natural law.



9 January: De Deo Uno: Q. 21: The Justice and Mercy of God, Part 1

16 January: Further Questions in Ethics – The Question of Ethics and Ethical Analysis

23 January: De Deo Uno: Q.21: The Justice and Mercy of God, Part 2

30 January: Further Questions in Ethics: Are We Free? The Free Will Conundrum

6 Februay: De Deo Uno: Q. 22: The Providence of God, Part 1

13 February: Half-term 

20 February: Further Questions in Ethics: Following Your Consciences

27 February: De Deo Uno: Q. 22: The Providence of God, Part 2

6 March: Further Questions in Ethics: Natural Law Re-examined

13 March: De Deo Uno: Q.23: On Predestination, Part 1

20 March: Further Questions in Ethics: The Just War Theory

27 March (Holy Week): Beginning of Easter break

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