Sapiens Program – Pilot Course – St Antony’s Church, Forest Gate from 18 September 2018, 7pm

Why is my life stuck? What’s missing? How can I grow as a person and flourish?


Answering practical, down to earth questions with insight from the greatest thinkers of the Western Tradition, the Sapiens Program is an initiative of the Brothers of St John to help all search for wisdom and live more fully human lives.

Faith or no faith, philosophy can help us to search for the truth and live in a wise way. It’s the ideal way to share on deep subjects with friends who have a different spiritual outlook. All are welcome for this pilot run of the Sapiens Program.

The Sapiens Program is a five-week course with input, discussion times, interaction and optional further reading.

Sapiens Program 
Ethics: Desire, Virtue and Growth 
Sept 18th: “The Rut: Why am I stuck – and can philosophy really help?”
Sept 25th: “Awakening: What are my goals – and how do I get there?”
Oct 2nd: “Spring Cleaning: What needs to change in my behavior?”
Oct 9th: “Progress Not Perfection: The journey ahead”
Oct 16th: “There’s So Much More: What is wisdom and how can I achieve it?

Beginning with a light meal at 7pm, things will kick off at earnest at 7:30pm on Tuesdays from 18th September 2018 at St Antony’s RC Parish, E7 9QB, in St Clare’s Hall. 
If you want to attend it is essential that you contact Br Philip-Thomas CSJ:   You are welcome to come mid-course if you have missed the early sessions!

Since this is still a pilot there will be no charge, but we will be counting on your feedback. The real thing will run in St Mary Moorfields Parish in the City, 4-5 Eldon Street, EC2M 7LS, from the 8th of November, on Thursday evenings, and then in other locations in London. Requests welcome to the address above.

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